April 11, 2010

Indonesia Trip - Day 1 (Bali)

As some of my friends know, I went to Indonesia, Bali and Lombok to be specific, for somewhere around one week last year in August. I had a fantastic time, been missing Bali ever since.

Love Bali not cause of the "all night partying" clubs there, but I love the whole culture of the locals.
The art, the food and also the temples. Something about it just captivates me.

Gave alot of thought as to how I'm gonna blog bout this and I still have no clue. I'm too darn lazy to re-edit the whole thing so I'm just gonna type it out one shot. =P

Day 1

KL - Bali

Dad drove to KL to park in relative's place and then have someone fetch us all to KL Sentral to take the Air Asia shuttle bus to LCCT for our flight.
2 hour drive to KL, no MP3 player, with just a fully charged camera, you can pretty much guess what I'm gonna say. HAHA...!!

Loving my MNG sweater...

So we reach LCCT bout 2 & 1/2 hours before the flight.
(Don't ask me what time was the flight, I forgot, and the flight itinerary is not with me now.)

Funniest thing happened after we checked in and ate and etc etc.
We walked around the duty free shops there since we still have about 45 minutes before the departure time and the board DID NOT say "BOARDING" just yet.

Halfway shopping, suddenly I heard my FULL IC NAME being called out on the LOUD SPEAKER in the AIRPORT. I was like WTF?
What's going on? Then one by one, my WHOLE family's full name being mentioned asking us to board IMMEDIATELY. Mind you, we still had about half hour.

So yes, we made a MAD DASH to the boarding gate and we had to walk extra 10 minutes to the plane.
After we got on, we thought they're gonna take off soon since we thought we were late with our names being called out and all.


The departure time was DELAYED for almost an hour AFTER we got on the plane. WTH do they need to call out the names and freak people out for when it's gonna delayeddddddddd anyways....??? Sheesh...!!

So while waiting, I.......
Took pics of course...!!!

Oakland Raiders? O.o
Does this mean Air Asia gonna have flights to California soon?
Please please please do, then I can visit Joyce in San Fran.

The gate FURTHESTTTTT awayyyyyyy is where we dashed out from and head towards the plane thinking we were late.

 Since I couldn't sleep much during the flight cos
A - I'm TOOOOOO excited about the fact that I am going to Bali for the 1st time
B - My nose was seriously BLOCKED cos of my sinus and the pressurised air of the cabin

Can't on my phone for games, so... Camera it is....

Sorry, I just HAD TO camwhore.

Don't you think clouds sometimes look like Cotton Candy? =P


DAD and his in flight mag.

Another camwhore pic.
I couldn't resist. 
What can I do, I'm BOREDD...!!

So anyways, by the time we reach Bali, it's LATE, bout 8 pm Malaysian time i think, and we have NO HOTEL reservation by the way.

Luckily dad's friend in Bali rented a car and drove us around in search of hotels.

Saw a few, they were CRAPPY and CHARGED TOO MUCH for the condition of the rooms.

So we ended up staying in "The Simpang Inn" in Legian Street.
Kuta beach was behind of the Inn. Kinda hard to explain unless you've been there and seen it for yourself, the streets are rather confusing with tonnes of dark and small alleys.   >.<

After checking in and freshening up, dad's friend, Ketut (Bali name for the 4th child), drove us to Jimbaran Bay for dinner. Man was the seafood GOOOOD.....!!!!
Candlelight seafood dinner by the beach.
Seem to have misplace the pic of how HUGEEE the squid was, will upload that later.

My cup of beer and the complimentary soup.
They have these boiled salted potatoes as well but didn't snap a pic
The squid was so huge that we had to make 2 dishes out of 1 squid.

1st Dish
Grilled Squid

If you look on the TOP LEFT of the pic, that's the other half of the squid that was DEEP FRIED.
The other dish here is Ayam Taliwang.

Oh, the vegies, Kangkung, is complimentary as well.
Once again, you see the TOP RIGHT of the pic?
It's Fish but someone has taken HALF side of the fish before I took a pic so...
Supposed to be "steamed fish" but I guess the chef mistaken it and BOILED the damn thing instead.
It's a Red Snapper btw.

During dinner we were serenaded by this group of Indonesian singers who will sing whatever song you request, plus one in your language.

Sorry it's not clear.
I somehow messed up my camera settings temporary and I didn't bother to set it back.
Too tired to.
Since there's like 6 - 7 of us, our table is twice as big as the one you see.

The waves at Jimbaran was so strong...!!! When we first walk to our table, I swear I mistaken the sounds of the waves crashing as the sound of thunder. =[
Freak the hell outta me. Since we were dining al fresco and all.

One last pic before day 2....

The entrance of the restaurant. =)
Yes, that's my younger brother there.
Looking totally unaware I'm taking a pic.



  1. Sounds like a great trip!

    (Psst. In-flight mags are great time-fillers! xD)

  2. lol..... it was a great trip. why'd u think i miss bali ever since? =P

    look out for day 2 and the rest of the days mia post... ;-)

    the in flight mags for air asia are not very good to keep u occupied for a long time.

    i took half hour to finish reading the thing.

  3. Bali.. will be going again soon I hope. I meant me LOL

  4. hehe....
    i hope i can go again soon as well.

  5. I LOVE Bali. Awesome place. :-)