April 10, 2010

I'm back...!!

I'm back...!!
Hopefully for good.

Kinda lazy + busy to blog lately.
Lappie sucks, connection sucks, plus my life is kinda stagnant lately.
Only going to classes, coming home, going out for "yum chas".
That's pretty much it.

But there is one thing I am super excited about. One of my classes for this semester. Am taking "Interactive Media and Web Designing Technology". Basically its to design a site from scratch, no biggie for most people of course, but for me, HELL YEAH...!!
Big deal indeed. You see, I'mma IT/Computer noob. HAHAHHAHAHAHA....!!!

Hopefully, AFTER I get a new lappie and I finish the class, I can design a new layout for this blog.

Guess it's only fair if I give a slight update on my life eh, if you cared. =P

Well here goes...

* Started Level 1 Degree this month
* Might not get PTPTN loan
* Worked in Edu Fair in Mid Valley last month (March - still haven got paid FYI)
* This is my ALMOST 7 months in KL (Boy, time does passes by fasttttt...!!)
* Dad bought me a BlackBerry Curve 8520 when my phone's dying (LOVEEE u DADDY..!!)
* Met up with old SCHOOL MATES, its as if we never stopped being BESTIES
* Met up several other bloggers both from Innit and ShoutOut

Hmm.... That's all I could squeeze out for now. Might update on it later if I suddenly remember any other stuff.


*next post might be on my trip to Indonesia last year*