February 13, 2014

With age, comes wisdom?

They say with age, comes wisdom. I use to think it is some kind of bull crap. However, as I grew older, I do realize that, perhaps there is some merits to that saying.


This random thought came to mind earlier. I always see quotes and what not postings, about surrounding ourselves with positive people only, and people who (key words) genuinely, wants to see us succeed. For the longest time I never could accurately tell which out of all the people in my life were. Recent situations has allow me to make better and clearer judgement, of course its not some HUGE or BIG drama that happened.

Which, brings me to this thought. I was INSANELY negative when I was younger. Emo, goth, destructive, basically negative in general. Things happened back then when there were some who withdrew from my life, I never knew why, in fact, I use to resent them. It took me awhile, (LOL) for me to realize the error of my ways.

So, that was just a little something I thought I'd share. Plus, I can look back at this in the future to keep my foot on the ground.

Since tomorrow is Valentines Day, remember to Love MORE & Fight LESS people. =P



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