October 20, 2010

Indonesia Trip - Lombok

Throughout my entire Indonesia trip, I spend most of my days in Lombok.
Another island near Bali. Personally I much prefer Lombok.
Not as crowded and packed like Bali. It's much more laid back.
I highly reccommend it to anyone who wanna have a relaxing day on the beach.
It's also colder than Bali as well on certain months.

So yea, we took a domestic flight to Lombok from Bali.
See, even in Indonesia there's shuttle bus to take you to the plane. Unlike LCCT, where we had to walk under the hot sun to Air Asia's plane. >.<

We board this plane known as "Turbo Props" or "Turbine Powered Propeller air planes". Its rather small, could only fit like 50 people at once I think. Boyyyy.... Was it bumpy...!! >.<

Errr... I'm guessing they've had that issue one too many times? Eheh...

Helloooooo Lombok.
Selaparang Airport. =)

The beach where we stayed at have black sands.
According to dad the sands use to be white, maybe close to 10 years back? But now its black.

Saw someone Kite Surfing, which I thought was freaking awesomee....!!!!
I want to try that someday, but not before I learn how to surf the normal way first. Ahakx...!!

Don't mind me, I just couldn't resist. Too bored siting around waiting for dad to finish up his informal work meeting. =P

Ahah...!! Lunch....!!
Sup Buntut.
Also known as Sup Ekor or Ox Tail soup.
Weird how they call it as "Butt Soup" in Indonesia. Literally. Heh heh....



We actually ate inside someone's home. The lady operate her restaurant business from home. Am I making any sense? Basically she's using her house as a restaurant.
*That's their family dining table by the way*

Most of the local's house looks like this.

Fishing village. ;)

Watching some fishermen's wives preserving those fresh fish before being shipped off to the local market. That bucket of white substance are salt by the way. Mom asked them, wouldn't the fishes be salty then? But they said it wont, so.... I guess they should know better than us urban creatures ehh.

Baahhh.... Behhhh....


Some pub's version of Bakso. Too bad the famous one is not open, since we went during Ramadhan month. =(

We rented a car and drove around the island following the coast line for a day. =)

Pretty much most of the time spend in Lombok, we're just lazing around the beach. Tanning, making sand castles, swimming, and eating. Ehehe....

We flew to Surabaya airport to catch a flight back to KL. Couldn't be bothered to fly back to Bali for that.

The manager of this restaurant was nice enough to let us loiter there for about a couple hours while waiting to check in and board.

My brother's always hungry.
He eats soooo much but he never gets fat. =(

Some Indonesian Air Asia's flight attendants. =)

HELLO Malaysia....!!

That's pretty much my entire Bali trip. I really wanna go again though.
Maybe next time I could to go this place called Garuda Wishnu Kencana (GWK) Cultural Prak in Bali. ^_^


  1. Heyyy this place looks so laidback n more chillaxed than most places! ive never been to any part of indon at all, but will be heading to bali beginning of next year!

    i should check out this island too hehe

  2. yeaps, it is more laid back and chillaxed. =P

    you gotta find out from the travel agents how to get there. air asia dun fly there sadly....

  3. Nice trip and yummy food. :)

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