October 20, 2009

Hello Again

So much for procrastination huh?

I've wanted to do this post for quite some time, as always, I procrastinate.
I could probably teach a teach Procrastination 101 in a special college. Heh...
As you can see, I've deleted all my previous posts.
Looking back, I did so much complaining I never showed I felt any form of gratitude or never realise the blessings that I have.
Maybe I just never write it here because I never thought people would enjoy reading something that is, perky? Perhaps?

You know, at first, I kinda hesitated to click the button that says "Ok" to the "Are you sure you want to delete these posts? This action cannot be undone." dialoque pop-up thingy.


I clicked it anyways. LOL...!!
156 posts deleted.

I wanna start fresh, so to speak.
Maybe a new style of writing for future posts?
Who knows right?
Anyways, gotta go shower now.


*P/S : some people with itchy fingers triggered the fire alarm in my block disturbing everyone's peace and forcing my roomie to walk up NINE (9) FLOORS back home since LIFTS DON'T WORK when the fire alarm is triggered*


  1. oh gosh! why did u delete everyting? no back up babe? hmmmm okay. *hugs*

  2. everything's cool sayang... i just needed a FRESH start... ;-)